It’s Time….

I searched the local Beauty supplies, Pharmacies, Department, Stores, You name it! In search for something that hydrated my skin but also smoothened, softened and protected it from the harsh winters! Being a Woman Of Color I found so MANY products did not understand my needs. I found myself with oily skin or needing to apply product repeatedly which of course left the brands happy but MY skin still in need but with such a busy life with work and children sustaining the home etc I had no time just sit down and think what ingredients put together will deliver!?…UNTIL ONE DAY! The Pandemic Happened…

I decided it was time to live a more NATURAL LIFE it also seems to be the secret to avoiding this VIRUS! Eating Healthy and Naturally of course! But also the consumption of NATURAL INGREDIENTS is very Crucial to sustaining optimal health overall. So I thought well I don’t just want to eat healthy (check out the instagram @conzhumorlife for great dinner ideas and the youtube channel for recipes!) I want to feel healthy. I don’t want to depend on brands or quick fix gimmicks I am tired of the shenanigans. I can cook, I can read, AND TODAY I HAVE TIME! Because I quit the 9 to 5 in the working world and opened the door to GIVING YOU THE BEST OF ME!

In the time I saved running ramped to and from work making someone else richer. I have been able to focus on and construct a recipe of rare oils and shea butters that I hand whip with love. And I am telling you IT MATTERS WHEN YOU LOVE WHAT YOU DO! And just as I have enjoyed the months to year and half perfecting this hand crafted body butter your body will wonder what the heck has it done without it!….

For Product Inquiry Please use the email below….ordering Website up SOON!

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