Recently The Real World and Basket Ball Wives Star took to her instagram at a nearly 100 pounds to her 5 foot 9 inch frame. A Post that would startle the world and prompt youtube posts like “Y’all we need to pray for Actress Tami Roman” One youtube blogger posted. A barrage of prayers and comments would come days to follow. But not one question of the timely reboot of “The Real World”. On the show there was an incident in which MANY cast members took part in but only one was sent home. David Edwards. I am sure you’ll remember the legendary incident that resulted in Edwards being removed from the show. I ‘ll insert a link. As well as a link to a Video I viewed that gives you ANOTHER perspective…

My thoughts? Karma. There were other people involved. And that was an opportunity to teach all not one. It made no sense to me that the people that took part in pulling the covers weren’t sent home? Why not the camera men that filmed and didn’t stop it? If it were so traumatizing and unforgiving for so many years than why didn’t any other participant, spectator, staff, etc feel the same enough to rally for the entire show to come to a holt? If it MATTERED that much.

In fact I did some research and it seems Edward’s career was taking off just before the incident…I also find it disturbing how forgiveness can be so hard for some one to find in a mere stranger but yet they are willing to allow their husband to start a family without them… But we HAVE seen this before….

Roman has a long history of ongoing beef with Fellow cast member Evelyn Lozada even though Evelyn had a relationship with Tami’s “EX” husband when he was in fact her “EX Husband” Kenny Anderson. And so the relentless battle and disingenuous make ups to break ups between cast mates Lozada and Roman are pointless obviously in Roman’s seemingly unforgiving heart…

My Rx? Forgiveness. Tami Needs to Forgive herself for whatever it is that is holding her back from forgiving others… I feel that We are on the outside, a mere reflection of what WE SEE on the inside…

With Love,

Conzhumor Erena

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