What seems like a “Super Common Cold” has quickly become the suedo reason for our world being “Turned Upside Down”. Or is there something more sinister going on? Wuhan China is where it began 3 yes I said 3 years ago. This virus was Known in China as early as October 2018 which would mean it had been under incubation 3 to 6 months prior to that.

The U.S. Has always had particular interest in the operations of other Countries. They know when Korea are testing their forces of mass destruction. They are aware of all the latest Tech, and so on and so forth. It would seem absolutely unfathomable that they would lack intelligence on this global biological weapon. That quickly would become a weapon against us. United States Citizens.

I remember a time elders would speak about morals, values, history. They made us aware of how all the melanated people were treated. There was a a time when both heritages that make up myself (and many more) were accosted, reaped havoc and genocide upon. I am a direct descendant of two families. Native American and Egyptian African. What we are now being called as “Black”. I have seen evident proof of the slaughter that took place twice in my families History.

And I tell you the truth. The continuance of our Ancestors and their children’s blood being spilled on their own land has resulted in everything you see and are about to see. There were people that watched hangings. There were women who covered their children’s eyes. There were “nice” slave owners. The acceptance of one is the acceptance of all. Nothing makes me better than you. Nothing makes you better than me. I would have moved! I would have refused to live in a town or pay taxes to a place that allowed the enslavement of people!

A curse to watch! A curse to render! A curse to be apart of! And now you demand our skin? Their children’s skin? WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO OUR SKIN! This is awful. How dare you? There were treaty’s made. We were freed. Where will we be allowed to live, work, play, thrive should we not accept this vaccine? Will we then finally be freed? Will we be given land to live amongst ourselves? Will you then corrupt it? Flood it? Burn it? The way you have done our civilization, my ancestors civilizations, time and time again. I beg anyone who has power, the power the love the wanting for peace and and end to the true forces of mass destruction! I employ all to help us! Help the Ancestors of this country of this world rest in peace with knowledge that their children may some day be truly freed and safe! It won’t ever be too late to fight the good fight! And make no mistake…

Our Ancestors Will Rise Regardless…

Love and Compassion,

Conzhumor Erena

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