While Sailing…..

I came across a Twitter post where Camilla expresses concern for BG’s parenting relationship with Momma Delainey Shae…On the lowkey…

Cee Cee Milla

I knew for sure she’d delete the post so I did what all the kids are doing and screenshotted that shit bro! And lookie lookie “lemon cookie!” because she, IN FACT, DELETED IT BRO! 😂 Here’s the thing…WTF do you care? because that’s lowkey stalking all three of them! It’s supposed to stop with Brandon, Camilla! I hate to say this, but here it goes…And let me just say that I love all parties involved! I am a mom too so this will be tough love…

Brandon didn’t even stop to take the time to heal with you after you’d lost the baby. That was a huge sign. Moving forward he then went sniffing around Jordana’s funky ass when you wouldn’t take him back. So wait…He has no time to aid you in mourning, no patience to wait it out..alone! He expressed he was sorry, offered you multiple times to heal together (get back together) you decline, decline, decline. Even went as far as to claim he…

Was stalking you? Now months later…We don’t hear anything and no one, no one at all asks, and here comes Camilla giving us parental updates about BG and Momma Delainey Shae? NO! NO MA’AM! SIT DOWN! There is a child involved that did not ask to be here so be careful! You’re on a slippery slope posting and deleting about that boy’s parents. You need to keep your venting and curiosity to BG and BG ONLY!

Now I appreciate you deleting the Twitter post but let’s talk about why you care? You cannot rewind the hands of time. You cannot punish Brandon to death. So just try and live life WITH HIM. Like, give it up. If you want him don’t worry about wtf people say or think. Just take him back, make him marry you then get pregnant! Oooorrr take him back and get pregnant, but your gonna have to do something to satisfy your soul…soon.

~With Love,

Conzhumor Erena ♥️

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