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“Injustice for two please!”

I had been highly anticipating the now past court case involving “Blac Chyna” a.k.a Angela White vs the Kardashians. I think that was probably the first mistake actually. It should’ve been made pointedly clear throughout this case the multiple attempts made by the individual members of this (what I now see as a) clan to end White’s career on E network or any other for that matter. Alot can be said about this situation…

Actually Its Amirah”

Actually it’s Amirah is a great youtube channel I found for covering the Blac Chyna case! Actually… she’s the best! This woman is absolutely brilliant and Phaedra Parks has definitely met her match! Well…If she ever met AMIRAH! Click her channel’s thumbnail above it’ll take you directly to one of her exciting updates and intellectual and very rationale opinions on the case!

However there was a plethora of information given by a multitude of lawyers that possess their own youtube channels as well! And of course they all shared their knowledge and perspectives. This was the most entertaining thing I have entertained in a long time. It has also been highly frustrating to watch this case.

Quite frankly it’s been like this horror film that you’ve been waiting to come out for like years. And you want the villain to get what they deserve and it’s like every time you tune in and watch ( in my case get updates on the case) it was like the villain was getting closer and closer to defeating the hero!

At times there’d be openings of hope or light and then BOOM! HERO DEAD! THE END! WTF?! That’s sort of how I felt. I couldn’t believe that in over 5 days they could not see what I saw in less than the first episode of “Rob And Chyna”?. Which was that this was the most publicly accostation on a woman I have seen in like ever! and on TV!!!

The show itself outlines how much of a BLESSING Chyna was to Rob. And how even before that this family (Kylie) has taken her chance at love and her own family TWICE! Chyna was either nice enough? Scared or embarrassed not to out that family for sleeping with an ADULT MAN! HER BABY DADDY!!! LIKE WTF?

Chyna Moves on and here comes Rob! Smdh…they both admitted that she ducked him at first! So how could you listen to your family that already alienated you, called you crazy, lazy amongs a PLETHORA OF OTHER NAMES NOT TO THE RING OF “ROBERT KARDASHIAN”. Rob you let these people take your future from you! Your birthright!


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And to me that’s what’s it’s really all about the constant pulling on Robert Kardashians’ energy via his son Robert Kardashian. This is awful. Rob didn’t see it coming. So of course Angela did not…But look at all the damage? The broken homes…The fighting… The children left to stare at empty seats that their fathers would otherwise be sitting in…

What falsely fills up their time? What lies above the truth that they are only allowed to feel and display silently? This hurts me. Because I love children. I love love, and I love family. I hope and pray for justice for all parties involved. Chyna. You didn’t want or need that money it is tainted. I pray that dream’s life will be just that and a good one!

And that your family thrives through all rough tides. Robert I pray your father will instill in you from the grave what he could not in life. Hold onto your manhood Robert. Thrive in it. You want your daughter to find an even better man. Or become the best so that is what she will only settle for.

To all others…The kingdom of heaven is not promised to everyone. But if you were to give your sins to jesus christ and accept him as your lord and personal saivyor,the bible says that is enough.


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