This Will Take You Right To It!

It’s not a joke! It’s uh my theory and I made it funny with the help of Obama (Allegedly!) But! It is not a game! In fact I think there maybe a tie between this man (featured with Meek Mill Bottom Left). He lives in Jamaica where Dj Ak is from. Furthermore Dj Ak does not disclose family members not even siblings! And if you don’t believe in the illuminati then why not? And why is the illuminati in X MEN? Like it’s a cool thing? Hey! We’ll get there!

BACK TO AK…I just feel that the resemblances in these two men (well the three of em lol) are uncanny! Same tribe maybe? And that’s no offense we all originate from a tribe. Whether you know it or not…Also I tell you it sure would be one of the best marketing strategies I’d ever seen! But honestly, out of my “Arena of Imagination” (@conzhumorerena lol get it) yeah but outside of that I could not find a damn piece of solid evidence but hey!

I am no private dick! I just had a theory is all and something in both their eyes… Well that’s all I got for now kiddos I maybe doing some more research on the topic, maybe got some kids with their ears to the streets for me now who knows…🫦

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