And at this point. I am ready for it to be. I am so over Juliette it isn’t funny she really proves beauty is only skin deep! Sheesh! I thought she was such a sweet, semi lost in love girl with a great smile and just all around absolutely adorable. And all that may have been so. And maybe still. but I am not ok with the Sam fiasco and I feel it ruined the show for everyone!

EVEN THE CAST…Uuugh it’so grueling to watch Sam get betrayed like this and even I, (with my ear to these Siesta streets) could not find any proof Sam cheated. Yes I know the 21 year old girls! Chile that was after Clark Was snuck up on the scene!


I am trying to figure out what’s next? Sam done turned Jordana into a fake ass Juliette. Will and Amanda? Wtf has Garrett and Kenna Q been? No for real? And Max seems like he is not in love with Kelsey. He is in love with Florida and he thought he fell in love with a Florida Girl. Meanwhile she trying to ride out in style like her accomplice/nemesis/bestie/single white female attraction!

Chile I can’t! And now we have a new crew creeping through the seams Jordana’s new nose,eyes and hair count for another person! So that’s “Jordana After”. “We got Sexy Lexi In The Building Y’all!” And I am here for it! I Love sexy Lexi she the truth for real she gives me “ALWAYS QUEEN” Like I am thinking the Queen stole her style from Sexy Lexi….


Well there I go stirring up shit! Well you know I am just talking! Chile I don’t know know more about these ppl than you do! So! If you do find out sum tea don’t forget to FILL MY CUP! Dm me on twitterz, insta, tik tok and or an email chile I holla!

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