So Like I was saying…I literally will only get my information from insiders, followers, subscribers and of course these are all my views and opinions, and I don’t know anyone on the show! But I guess I need not make that disclaimer huh? Since this one is FOR SURE SCRIPTED! lol.

Yet still! I need to be VERY CLEAR! Because I ‘m quite the intuitive when it comes to what will happen next in these shows and with all the creative property stealing going on! SHEESH! SMDH….Check out this video I made about what I thought to be some sort of scam company but in fact it could be ANYONE! (If you are a content creator this will be useful!)

In any event I am strongly opinionated, and this is all a journey for me! So, let’s keep that in mind. Please? And thanks in advance. First off, I don’t remember exactly what was going on with all the cast members when we left off. But I do know it was giving me a lot of Tyler Perry vibes with the multiple storylines seeming to erupt all at once! What an exciting end to a season though!

Also? As I watched the trailers available on STARZ channel. Each time I peered into a cast members face it brought me right back! It’s so surreal like you’re going back home or back to a cool vacation spot! Speaking of going back home…lmao Remember when Joseline said this…”You WILL NEVER MAKE ME GO BACK STEVIE!” Soo…wtf is the Cabaret a “Kiddie Brothel?” Oh Joseline…

Back to P Valley! One of the things I will always appreciate about this show if I never appreciate anything else. Is its eye opening approach to unveil the “down low issue” in our communities.  As well as I’m able to see people from this walk-in life in a different light. The POV of each character is clearly defined and strikes a nerve in my spirit. I have been truly moved by each of them. I even cried a couple times last season. But some say that could be expected from a Gal like me 🤦🏽‍♀️…

Well, I am “stuffed like a holiday Turkey”(-Bun B) right now that was a good ass meal I made, and I just thought I ‘d stop by and keep my word while waiting for my food to digest lol! Oh, do you like lamb? You’d love mine! Check out this recipe/video for a good one below! Until Episode 1 Premieres tomorrow night on STARZ my loves Stay Safe And remember Life is Sweet with Freedom of Speech!

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