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 I thought to myself once when I was a little girl that I resembled an animal, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I thought it would be fun and a silent research study to investigate the faces of others and determine what animal if any I saw in them.

In some I saw women with doe eyes like deer’s! Even encased with high cheek bones! Others I saw big and tall with thick skin! And yet moved and operated slowly almost like…ELEPHANTS!

I admired and feared the strength and ferocity I saw and felt from others…THE LION. You see as the years went by, I realized it was not just the look on their faces or mine! It was everything about us!

It’s literally who we are at the core. In fact, If in fact this is mere skin encasing spirits, energized, everlasting spirits. And if everything began with nature in fact. We are it! Perhaps that is a part of the reason we can no longer speak to animals.

Or can we? Is it possible we are not trying to communicate with the right ones? Because we in fact are disassociated with our spirit animal selves?

(I hope your following me, I can get all “Kanye” with it sometimes, but just hear me out!

Aside from that. Getting back to the lie. You know the title? See I figure the biggest issue with the individual person throughout their walk in life is that they don’t know and some never find out who they are.

I ponder the question of whether or not we are exercising the appropriate life lessons, actions, seeking the correct routes, etc. to find who we are. So I think one of the things that should be taught about is Spirit animals.Because my belief (at this point) is that we each spiritually are an animal. I further believe this is where attraction starts. So if yo

you find out what type of animal you are then you will surely have a jump start in finding the appropriate mate!

Also. It explains jealousy! So does the Jungle Book (the new one is cool you should watch it!) You see, if I were a tiger (which I am not, and I am not interested in sharing what animal I believe I am). No matter what I did I could only be a tiger! I could get along with the lions I could be as regal or as fast or as big (in some cases) or as beautiful but I could only be the best TIGER I COULD BE!

Same as sloths, alligators, snakes, Giraffes, etc. You see the world lives a lie because we simply want to! Does anyone really believe that changing any part of their outside body will really change them? Or does it make you question yourself more? Hmmm

It seems to me that lies begat other lies! So the fact of the matter is( in my opinion)  that if we first face ourselves (as we are in our rarest form) we will see an animal if we research that animal and its operations and compare it to ourselves in fact you will be one step closer to finding who you are!

Now that’s my theory! And I think when you have gazelles that are even so graceful and beautiful in nature. I think sometimes you have cows, that may stare on and wonder a bit too long what it would be like and even may harbor disdain and resentment! Instead of nurturing who and what they are to determine how they can be the best!You see what I am saying here? It’s a never-ending losing battle for the animal that doesn’t know what is! Because 1. That alone means you don’t know the best way to even SURVIVE! 2. You will never catch up with your kind for help! 3. I don’t know I am

getting overwhelmed… it’s just messed up. I do hope more of us find the truth in ourselves an in the world at large!

It is truly in the best interest of ALL OF OUR LEGACIES!

P.S. I know it’s not a letter I just needed a place to put this last part! What a shameful disgusting crime any captivation of ANY PERSONS IS! And then to destroy, hide, erase, change, revamp an entire race of people all the while deceiving all races with the existence of knowledge withheld…Oh shit I rambled! Lol yeah, I am done! Spirit Animals! Find out yours today! (Drops mic)


Conzhumor Erena

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