It was so nice to see those two just before the premiere! I haven’t watched yet due to the fact that I’ve taken the liberty to review and commentate on the show, I feel obligated to do my ABSOLUTE VERY BEST! And that requires time and thought!

And time for thought! In light of my juggling more than an apple or 4 at once you can imagine my hands can be a little tied! HOWEVER! The show airs weekly guys so yeah with that said thank you for your patience in advance! Lol But yeah I do hope you rock with me like you rock with “The PANK!” Speaking of….

I Loved listening to “Uncle Cliff” speak about the colors chosen in theme and costume for the show, indeed it is hard to define the unique geasaqua the show possesses. Yaaasss this is a fine glass of wine I will not rush! Be on the look out for my live (well it will be a recorded show but I’ll be on screen dab nabbit!) recap of the very first episode of P Valley Season 2 This Weekend on Youtube! See you at the Pank!


Conzhumor erena ♥️

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