Absolute Fire! So I’ll just get right into it! I never knew it was possible to do all those things suspended in the air! Season 2 is already giving LITERALLY AN AMAZING SHOW! I am just taken aback by the enormous talent this seasons cast has! I do want to share something I saw on twitter……Not The ACTUAL POST! NO no no I create MY OWN IMAGES AND ARTICLES OVA HEERE!

Aaah A little Unsettling For Me….

Because honestly I have had enough of the Mississippi shuffle. ( Which has nothing to do with the show directly lol well hell just Look it up, if it’s above your pay grade lol no offense ) It just seems wrong to credit such talent to an entirely completely different race/person. It’s like she’s being fore shadowed. Now I am certain the dancer isn’t too hard pressed about or is she?

The only way I knew is because of an instagram post I was alerted to by “Chilii The Dancer” herself. (image below). And so it would seem as though she indeed desires some sort of notoriety for her efforts and amazing work! The pay should be enough you say? No I don’t thinks so the gist in the stripper biz is that “black girls” don’t do tricks. But yet you have the highest rated anything about strippers ever, and you have a white woman portraying a black woman’s skillset. That is essentially what is happening…

Hmmm guess you can’t escape the agenda no matter what you watch! In any event I am not discouraged from the show nore am I tryna start shit. This is my blog. My views, My opinions.

And thank you for joining me!


Conzhumor Erena ♥️

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