“Searching For Answers”

A while back I saw A video on YouTube created by a very beautiful woman, with the channel entitled “Magical Flowers”. I have been on a new journey to find answers and the truth if you will. To all of life’s various questions. I do not have a lie detector test built within. And so, in my experience in order to find is to search various resources and avenues. In this life that would be the people.


I found Youtube be very resourceful in this journey, but also internet forums, social media platforms, and podcasts! The universal soldier in all this is the voice! The individual person and their accounts of life as we know it! I realized I couldn’t just watch! I needed to read, write,  listen, to speak, to connect!

Connect with the universal soul that lives in each one of us! I created this website as a safe place to view my opinions on all topics. Back to Magical Flowers! (sorry I go off into different things lol) I was very disturbed (like most) about the Astro World incident. And by now I know to believe what you see! I myself saw things on footage taken from multiple concert goers phones that disturbed me. I made a video about this the same night we all found out.

An amazing, powerful, yet disturbing video that I had decided I no longer wanted on my computer and then quickly decided I did not want it on my storage device either! The uneasy feeling I had after completing this video went away after deletion.

Months later I came across this woman and her amazing channel. She has the sweetest, most genuine, suithing, authentic voice I’ve ever heard and a matching personality to go with it! After viewing just one of  her videos on the Astro World Tragedy (because I later found out there was more and by the time this is posted I hoped to have watched them all!). I was immediately inspired! The Link to her video is Below!


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I wanted to collect everything I knew, found out, and get it all down on paper so that I could decide for myself…. There was a gentlemen I interviewed on the Podcast The Official Native King And Queen Show, that had a very interesting and “realistic” persperctive. I say realistic for lack of better word. Perhaps viril or corporate level of thinking would be better? Not sure check out that interview below…

“The Official Native King And Queen Show”

You will find this article and some others viewable under paid subscription. I apologize for this and thank you for your support in advance. There are many reasons for this but the one unwavering is my safety! I should be able to speak my opinions and thoughts freely however on some subjects. Like this one. I feel it best to be safe than sorry. This is a measure taken only due to the felonious nature of some people. And in fact I apologize again should you not be one of them… And with that said. I hope you enjoy this article about..


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