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An Amazing Interview!

It was an honorable pleasure to sit down with Author and Teacher Brandy Alexander of the Paranormal Adventure “Genesis”. It has quickly gained it’s own fandom and I am sure to become a world wide fan favorite! Click the above image for part one of this interview!

Brandy Alexander

An Amazing Author, an amazing woman! Brandy is one of the best story tellers of all time in my opinion. I felt when she was even describing the book that I was right there with “Tex” a funny and peculiar character Alexander has created in this genuinely thrilling adventure!


Brandy And Me!

You can click the above image to check out part 2 of this interview. We ran out of time via streaming software (upgrade coming soon lol). And even Alexander will be coming back to play Trending Treaty and Tricks Are For Kids! (Our Shows Best Games Ever!)

I had such a great time talking with you. It was such a pleasure.  I would absolutely love to meet up for a part two when you are ready. Just let me know. I can’t wait to listen to the show and share it with everyone I know.

Brandy Alexander

Click The Image To Reveal This Gem!
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