“Siesta Key Nights With Conzhumor E”

It Gets Hotter @ Night!

Let The Twitter War Games Begin….

Cee Cee Milla girl! If y’all didn’t hook up why did you have to tweet that you didn’t so many times? And why now? Sam been had that tiktok up of y’all at the table. People been peeped how you be looking at him. And it’s ok. I think it should’ve been more than hook up! I think all of you girls know Sam is NOT the sleeze that the internet paints him to be. Hell I talk shit bout the guy but y’all know I don’t know y’all personally!

And if Sam was truly that awful he would not have such a good relationship with his parents. I don’t believe the hype. As soon as them camera’s stop rolling all of y’all be in his ass again! Hell most of the time y’all can’t fake the funk when the camera’s are rolling! What’s real is he’s a catch and aint many there like him. Y’all timid to go behind Juliette because she had him first and she brought y’all to the show…(some).

Furthermore, in all reality Sam would be a better fit with Camilla or Kelsey. I think Amanda wants him too but she’s too short and a little too close to Juliette. However. If Amanda knew that Sam would take her seriously and she was confident that she could control and keep him then she’d go for it. Just my opinion….Honestly I love love and matchmaking is fun! So I am here for the Mississippi SHUFFLE!

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Sooo…not sure about this but it just seems like Sam is catching the WRATH OF CHLOE! More to say on this later….

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